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Samarkand is located in Uzbekistan and was part of world famous silk route , Samarkand has become centre of tourist attraction in current days , Tourist who want to see heritage wealth of Uzbekistan always visit Samarkand and see all monuments , musical instruments etc. Samarkand is well connected with Tashkent by Bullet Train and normal trains , Bullet train connects Tashkent to Samarkand in just two hours, normal trains take 4 to 6 hours time to reach Samarkand. Samarkand literally means "stone fort" or "rock town"). Samarkand had a central position on the Silk Road between China and the West. Samarkand is as old as Rome & the second largest city of Uzbekistan. The Samarkand is the city of legends, The words of Alexander the Great for the Samarkand are " I heard that the city was beautiful but never thought that it could be so beautiful and majestic”. "Yaah" The city has really an marvellous collection of ancient monuments. The most amazing landmark in this city is Registan Square-it is a traditional center of city. The most amazing landmark in this city is Registan Square-it is a traditional center of city. The square is covered on the three sides by sparkling tiled buildings, Ulugbek Madrasah, Sherdor and Tilla Qori. The Next Historical site is Mausoleum of Tamerlane, who made Samarkand beloved by poets and travelers. The Beautiful Samarkand city 's importance for the history is now being recognized by the UN, UNESCO & WTO which are also giving support for promoting the tourism to the region. The government made the tourism a priority sector for development is continuing to invest hotel,leisure and other facilities. You can travel through the whole world, have a look at the pyramids and admire the smile. Everyone can listen the soft singing of the wind at the Adriatic Sea; be charmed by Notre Dame in Paris or by old domes of Milan, but if you visit the Samarkand it will really memorable journey for you.
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